Rebekah Court features seven apartments. Select from this table or the site menu to see pictures and more details. Note: Sizes are “net”, meaning not including verandas.

ApartmentDescriptionNet Size
Apt. 2013-bedroom, 2-bath apartment facing east. Very spacious, large living spaces, a veranda, and a master bedroom larger than many apartments.139m² / 42 py
Apt. 2023-bedroom, 2-bath apartment facing east and north with an east-facing veranda.122m² / 37 py
Apt. 3013-bedroom, 2-bath with a spacious living room and dining area, ample natural light and a very large balcony with nice views.125m² / 38 py
Apt. 3023-bedroom, 2-bath, a spacious living room and dining area, a very large balcony, also a juliet balcony, and ample natural light.104m² / 31 py
Apt. 4013-bedroom, 2-bath, one with a whirlpool, a large balcony with a terrific view, lots of natural light in the living room, also mood lighting, faux marble floors and wood floors in the bedrooms.134m² / 41 py
Apt. 402This is our only 1-bedroom apartment. It features a huge balcony facing north and also a juliet balcony facing east.52m² / 16 py
Apt. 5013-bedroom, 2-1/2 bath and two large balconies with excellent views. Whirlpool in the master bath. Faux marble floors in the living room and kitchen, European styling.132m² / 40 py